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March, 2015

Dear NCF Friend,

       This month we highlight the unique and significant ministry of JC and RC. (Due to security reasons, we cannot give you names.) RC is a psy-chologist and counselor who trained at Rosemead School of Psychology, and JC is a pastor. Together they train, encourage, and support believers in

RC teaching a class on parenting       

highly sensitive situations in Asia. They also offer parenting classes and marriage workshops and retreats to believers and unbelievers. Their Christ-centered marital relationship presents a clear and bold witness to every audience.

          Their story, which RC named “A Mother Realizes Her Mistakes and Makes Changes,” gives you a window into their ministry.

       One of our ministries is to serve people who are actively serving the Lord either as pastors or lay leaders. WLP is a mother of 26-year-old twin daughters and leader of a small house church. We became her friends early in our work in Asia and visit her whenever we go to her hometown. 

       Recently, WLP read RC’s book on parenting. She wrote to us saying that from reading the book, she realized she was an authoritarian and extremely controlling parent who had hurt her daughters in the way she treated them when they were little. She recognized that the girls were still carrying these hurts, affecting how they relate to her and to others. 

       Then in late November 2014, WLP attended our parenting workshop and the very next day she contacted us. She said that the workshop had an even deeper impact on her than the book, and she wanted to have some time with us to process what she learned. She explained that she initiated a conversation with one of her daughters when she got home from the workshop, and they talked until 3 a.m. She was able to ask her daughter for forgiveness and the daughter said she forgave her mother. But the daughter advised her mom to dialogue with her twin sister, too, because she knows her sister hates her mom and carries deep wounds. WLP agreed, and has arranged to meet with her other daughter during a school holiday, hopefully to talk and heal their relationship.

       We met with WLP two days after the workshop. She told us how the workshop made her realize that her extremely controlling, angry behavior came from her own experiences as a very neglected and ignored child. She became aware that she still has a lot of rage in her heart and that she has not let go of the pain and hurts from her growing up years. She now understands more clearly how these things have affected how she has related to her children and husband. She wants to deal with her personal issues and grow out of the pain so that she does not continue to hurt her loved ones. We were able to encourage her to seek counseling and refer her to the organization that hosted the parenting workshop. 

       Our ongoing relationship with WLP is just one example of the work that we do in serving servants, enabling them to change and grow and become more effective in their personal lives and ministry.


       Thank God for the vision and willingness of the JC/RCs couple to speak to the needs of families in the Chinese-speaking world.

       Thank God for his blessing of a 10-year travel visa and the publication of RC’s book, both of which grant open avenues of outreach and ministry to places difficult to reach with the Gospel. Please pray for the safety and security of JC and RC and those who attend their meetings, as their activities may be scrutinized.

Couples engaging in an activity during
a marriage  workshop.

      As you pray this month, please also remember the plans underway for the MK Transition Seminar July 12-24 at Biola University and the NCF Counseling and Member Care Seminar in Chiang Mai, Thailand October 4-16. In faith, we are planning these seminars for missionary sons and daughters and for Kingdom workers, trusting that God will send those He has already chosen to participate, and that you will help us meet the costs so the seminar fees we charge are affordable for those who attend.

      Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts that make it possible for NCF to serve Kingdom workers globally.

              Partners in Christ's Service,

              Tim Hibma                Cindy Hibma

P.S. The current population of China is nearly 1.4 billion people.  The estimated number of Christian believers is 140 -160 million people, with 45 – 60 million worshipping in Protestant house churches (Christianity Today, Feb 18, 2013). NCF, through the work of RC and JC and with your gifts and prayers, is making a difference in this land of more than a billion people!

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