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April, 2014

Dear Friend,


       NCF’s 2014 MK Reentry Seminar is just three months away! According to the MK seminar director, Debbie Hewitt, currently 24 MKs have registered to take this life-changing program, and MK staff assignments are being finalized.

       This year’s seminar will return to the original length of 12 days, rather than the shortened seminar we offered last year. Although the 2013 MK evaluations were quite positive, we realized after reading through them that it would be even more beneficial for the students if they had more time to process.

       These sons and daughters of missionaries are in their last few months of high school and are saying their goodbyes to family and friends, leaving behind the culture with which they have grown so familiar, and perhaps even leaving the language that has become their “heart language”. The MK reentry program will have a significant impact on their transition to life here in the United States. Please join us in praying for these young people during this important timeCthat they will be able to have good times of farewell, and that they will know the peace, comfort and joy of the Lord as they move into this next season of their lives.

       Last year 35 MKs took NCF’s MK reentry program. Their adjustment into college in the U.S. was made smoother because of the impact of the seminar. Below are some comments of the impact of NCF’s program:

“I came to terms with what I
was feeling and experiencing.”

“It has given me hope for being able to transition.”

“My small group was awesome.
It was good to get to know several other MKs at a deeper level.”

“I am not as anxious about adjusting to life in the United States as I was when I arrived.”

       “I have a much healthier view of myself and of the transition

       Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring an MK this year? The sponsorship amount for one MK is $1,500. Your gift, if less than the amount of an MK scholarship, will be combined with other gifts. Also, please pray for the MK registration staff before the seminar, and the MK counseling staff during the seminar, that God will have His way in all the details of the MK program so that these sons and daughters of missionaries are most effectively served. Then too, please be praying for the MKs who will be going through this transition into life here in the U.S. We are grateful for your financial gifts and your prayers for those involved in the MK seminar.

Cherry Steinmeier
                                          Cherry G. Steinmeier, Psy.D.
                                          Acting President

Donations can be sent on our secure website via Credit Card: Click HERE to send support online, or use the link below. Or they can be be phoned in via Credit Card, or sent by snail-mail to the NCF office at the address below.

in to 1-800-477-5893, or

to the:
Narramore Christian Foundation
P.O. Box 661900
Arcadia, California 91066-1900

NOTE for U.S.A. residents: Narramore Christian Foundation is registered in the State of California as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) tax deductible organization.

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