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International Counseling Services

Missionary Psychological Counseling and Services

Every year at least 5,000 missionaries leave the field unnecessarily because of excessive stress involving personal, family, social, and ministry-related problems. Those remaining on the filed face life stressors at least 2-3 times those experienced by individuals at home in the United States.

The Narramore Christian Foundation is committed to serving these dedicated men and women, and their families. We do this in the following ways

Providing short term counseling and stress debriefing for missionaries in crisis.
Consulting with mission leaders.
Offering on the field retreats and seminars for missionaries.
Providing twelve-day reentry workshops for the sons and daughters of missionaries returning to the United states for college and university study.
Chiang Mai Counseling Foundation in Thailand.
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Olive Tree Counseling Center in Turkey
Click Here for more information or if interested in joining the OTCC team of therapists.

Overseas Ministry Opportunities for Christian Therapists
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In addition to our headquarters staff in the United States, NCF teams with ten outstanding Christian Associate Staff Psychologists and Psychiatrists who minister in various regions of the world. Below is information on each of these associates.

Dr. Roger Brown — Kenya
Dr. Karen Carr — West Africa
Dr. Charles Chege — Kenya
Dr. Nancy Duvall — Kenya
Dr. Keith Edwards — California, Ecuador, France
Dr. Tim and Tammy Friesen — Thailand
Drs. Kelly and Michele O'Donnell — France
Dr. Ben Wat — Hong Kong
Dr. Dave Wickstrom — Africa

NCF Staff Associates

Dr. Roger Brown

Dr. Roger Brown is a Christian psychiatrist who serves as the Director of Professional Services at the Tumaini Counseling Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. Tumaini is the major missionary counseling center worldwide and serves missionaries from throughout Kenya and Eastern Africa. Pictured with Roger is his wife, Shirley, and their children Hannah and Rachel.

Tumaini Counseling Centre


Dr. Karen Carr

Dr. Karen Carr (pictured with Gideon) is the Clinical Director of the Mobile Member Care Team in West Africa. She and her teammates travel throughout the 14 Western African nations providing crisis intervention, consultations, short-term counseling and workshops on topics like interpersonal relationships and stress management.

Email Karen at
Web site at:



Dr. Charles Chege

Dr. Charles Chege, a native Kenyan who received his doctorate from the Rosemead School of Psychology, carries out short-term ministries in Kenya. Dr. Chege and his wife, Winny, periodically conduct seminars for local churches and workshops for pastors and other Christian leaders. Dr. Chege has also had opportunity to be interviewed on Kenya's national radio and to consult with some of the country's top educational leaders.



Dr. Nancy Duvall

Dr. Nancy Duvall is a professor at the Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University. Each summer she takes a team of Rosemead doctoral students to Daystar University, the major Christian University in Kenya. Dr. Duvall and her students teach courses in counseling and psychology and consult regarding the development of a master's program in Christian counseling at Daystar University.


Dr. Keith Edwards

Dr. Keith Edwards is a faculty member at the Rosemead School of Psychology at Biola University. He conducts intensive summer ministries for missionaries in France, Ecuador and other key locations. Dr. Edwards specializes in marriage enrichment, couples' communication and counseling, anxiety, depression, and stress management.




Dr. Tim and Tammy Friesen

Dr. Tim Friesen is a clinical psychologist who is the founding director of Cornerstone Counseling Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He is currently the executive director of Twelve12; Hope, a non-profit organization that provides counseling, consultation and training to missionaries and mission organizations. Tim also conducts child trauma recovery programs in areas of chronic and complex trauma. Tammy teaches English Composition at a local college and travels with Tim as she is available.


Drs. Kelly and Michele O'Donnell

Drs. Kelly and Michele O'Donnell are well known missionary psychologists. Kelly has edited three of the major books on missionary care and counseling, including Missionary Care: Counting the Cost for World Evangelization and Doing Member Care Well. Kelly and Michele offer crisis intervention, on the field seminars, consultation for missionary leaders, and meeting the spiritual, emotional, and family needs of missionaries.


Dr. Ben Wat

Dr. Ben Wai-Ho Wat is a Marriage and Family therapist who serves the Christian community in Hong Kong. He holds the M.Div from Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary and a doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary. Prior to his training in psychology and counseling, Ben served as Senior Pastor of the Hong Kong Fanling Baptist Church. He is a popular speaker and family life educator and devotes a significant portion of his psychotherapy practice to working with Chinese pastors and missionaries. Ben will be teaching in the areas of counseling and family therapy.


Dr. Dave and Sharon Wickstrom

Dr. Dave and Sharon Wickstrom. Dave is cofounder of the annual Mental Health and Missions Conference held in the U.S. He is Interim Director of Missionary Resources Connection (MRC), and also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors. MRC is a resource group providing services to missionaries and their families Dave and Sharon have traveled extensively ministering to missionaries in various regions of the world. Dave will be teaching on stress management, psychopathology on missionary teams, crisis intervention and career development for missionaries and MKs. Sharon will be assisting with the administration of the seminar.


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