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Emotions and Personality ... Booklets

Christian Psychology – Emotional Counseling
Christian Literature

See note below for a free booklet sample related to emotional counseling, Christian psychology and Christian literature.

Overcoming Codependency
by Dr. Jason T. Li (BK126)
Say No To Burnout
by Elizabeth Ruth Skoglund (BK111)
Building Biblical Self-Esteem 
by Dr. Bruce Narramore & Elizabeth Ruth Skoglund (BK112)
Developing Confidence 
by Drs. Clyde and Bruce Narramore (BK104) 
Damaged Emotions 
by Dr. David Seamands (BK103) 
Anxiety ... The Nagging Emotion
by Dr. Clyde M. Narramore (BK121)

Understanding and Overcoming Depression
by Dr. Andy J. Johnson (BK127) 


Why Is It So Difficult for Me to Change
by William Kirwan and Bruce Narramore
Why Is It So Difficult for Me to Change Part II
by William Kirwan and Bruce Narramore
She Laid Him in My Arms 
by Dr. James H. Luther
He Gave us Tears 
by Venus Bardanouve
Learning From the Emotional Life of Jesus
by Dr. Bruce Narramore
Healing From Post-Abortion Syndrome 
by James E. Phelan
Forgiveness: The Power That Heals 
by Dick Innes, M.A. 
The Gift of Feelings 
by Dick Innes, M.A. 
What to Do for Youth Who Are Grieving 
by Dr. Bruce Narramore

Reader's Suggestions

The Narramore Christian Foundation focuses on emotional counseling by guiding individuals through Christian Psychology and with Christian Literature.

So if you would like an article on another topic, please send your suggestion by clicking on the Suggestion link below.

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