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Psychology for Living is the website of the Narramore Christian Foundation, a Christian mental health organization dedicated to preventing and solving human problems, anxiety, depression, relational conflicts, and psychological disorders through psychological counseling. NCF is also dedicated to training lay-persons, Christian workers in the fundamentals of Christian counseling, psychology and psychological disorders.


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Violence and Abuse in the Home

Violence and Abuse in the Home
by Dr. Clyde M. Narramore

One mid-morning several years ago, I received a phone call from Washington, D.C. It was an acquaintance who was serving on the staff of the President of the United States. "The President and the Attorney General," he said, "are concerned about the problem of violence and abuse in the home." He went on

say that the Attorney General was selecting a group of eight specialists to make a study of the problem. "We would like you," he said, "to serve on this committee of eight. There will be no other psychologists or psychiatrists on the committee."

He explained the committee would be meeting from time to time over a period of one year. "They'll be no remuneration for your services," he said, "but we'll take care of your traveling expenses to the various cities where you'll be conducting hearings, and we'll also pay for any hotel expenses."

Naturally, I felt honored to be selected for the project. A few weeks later I....



Psychology for Living provides helpful information on Christian counseling, Christian psychology, dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, codependency and many other psychological disorders that can be found here on the Narramore Christian Foundation website.s

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