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Psychology for Living is the website of the Narramore Christian Foundation, a Christian mental health organization dedicated to preventing and solving human problems, anxiety, depression, relational conflicts, and psychological disorders through psychological counseling. NCF is also dedicated to training lay-persons, Christian workers in the fundamentals of Christian counseling, psychology and psychological disorders.


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Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
(Formerly known as: Multiple Personality Disorder)
by Kimberly Gaines Eckert, M.A., 
Todd D. Burnett, M.Div., 
Mark R. McMinn, Ph.D.

Iam five years old," Chris told her counselor as she scribbled haphazardly in her coloring book, "and I can't write, and I live with my mommy and daddy." Chris rocked back and forth in the fetal position and sang to herself as she worked on her coloring book. 

However, Chris was not actually five years old and her name wasn't Chris. "Chris" was really Julie—a woman in her mid-thirties who had sought treatment for depression. Although "Chris" said she couldn't write, Julie had brought her own handwritten journal entries to previous sessions. While "Chris" told her counselor she lived with her mommy and daddy, Julie actually lived hours away from her parents and had not spoken to them for several years.

Why would a woman seek counseling and then speak these obvious untruths about herself? Was Julie maliciously lying to her counselor or pretending....



Psychology for Living provides helpful information on Christian counseling, Christian psychology, dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, codependency and many other psychological disorders that can be found here on the Narramore Christian Foundation website.s

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