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NOTE: Unfortunately we are no longer able to mail free booklets outside of the United States due to the high cost of postage. You are welcome to download and make copies of any of our booklets for your own use. If making printed copies, be sure to include the following: "Published and copyright © by the Narramore Christian Foundation."

Understanding Bipolar Disorder 
by Dr. Todd W. Hall (BK101) 
Why Teenagers Turn to Violence  
by Dr. Bruce Narramore (BK102) 
Damaged Emotions  
by Dr. David Seamands (BK103) 
Developing Confidence  
by Drs. Clyde and Bruce Narramore (BK104) 
A Pre-Marriage Checklist 
by Dr. Clyde Narramore  (BK105)
How To Be Sure You're a Real Christian 
by Dick Innes (BK106) 
Why Love Is Not Enough  
by Dr. Bruce Narramore (BK 107)
Boomerang Children 
by Drs. Bruce Narramore and Vern Lewis (BK108)
Danger Signals in Your Child's Behavior  
by Dr. Clyde Narramore (BK109) 
Ten Ways You Can Shape a Child's Life  
by Dr. Clyde Narramore (BK110) 
Say No To Burnout  
by Elizabeth Ruth Skoglund (BK111)
Building Biblical Self-Esteem 
by Dr. Bruce Narramore & Elizabeth Ruth Skoglund (BK112)
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 
by Dr. Grant L. Martin (BK113)
Understanding & Preventing Teenage Delinquency 
by Dr. David Cimbora (BK114)
Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) 
(Multiple Personality Disorder) by Kimberly Gaines Eckert, 
Todd D. Burnett, and Dr. Mark R. McMinn (BK115)
Violence and Abuse in the Home 
by Dr. Clyde Narramore (BK116) 
Married to a Non-Christian 
by Dr. Clyde Narramore (BK117) 
The Emotionally Healthy Family
by Dr. Clyde Narramore (BK118
The Gift of Encouragement
by Clyde M. Narramore (BK 119)
Schizophrenia:Living in a Different World
by Kimberly Gaines Eckert (BK120)
Anxiety...The Nagging Emotion
by Clyde M. Narramore (BK 121)
Understanding Adolescent Drug Use
by Elizabeth Ruth Skoglund, and Dr. Bruce Narramore (BK122) 
How to Relate Better to People
by Clyde M. Narramore (BK 123)
Avoidant Personality Styles
by Paul A. Johns (BK 124)
The Greatest Thought That Can Occupy the Human Mind
by Dr. Clyde M. Narramore (BK 125)
Overcoming Codependency
by Jason, T. Li, Ph.D. (BK 126)
Understanding and Overcoming Depression
by Dr. Andy J. Johnson (BK 127)
Understanding Histrionic Personality Disorder
by Gary D. Hanson, M.A. (BK 128)
Understanding Narcissism
by Paul M. Floyd, M.Div., J.D. and
Bruce Narramore, Ph.D. (BK 129)
Understanding and Resolving Sexual Compulsions
by Nils C. Friberg, Ph.D. (BK 130)

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