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Cornerstone Counseling Foundation
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Dear Friend,

Dr. Bruce Narramore


The new Missionary Counseling Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand is now a reality!

We have rented a small building that is conveniently located between the airport and downtown Chiang Mai. It will be easily accessible to missionaries living in Chiang Mai and to those flying in for intensive counseling from neighboring countries like China, Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia.

We have now built a new building

Dr. Tim Friesen and the other two founding Christian therapists have all arrived in Thailand and settled in with their families. We currently have seven counselors. Now we are beginning to remodel the facility in order to provide private counseling offices,  
a lovely waiting/receptionist area, and a nicely landscaped entrance.

   As you know, this Center will be serving missionary families from throughout Southeast Asia. Individual missionaries, couples, and children will be coming to the Center for Christian counseling. The counselors will also be available to travel to
nearby countries for crisis intervention in times of emergency.

Since it costs in the neighborhood of $250,000 to train, equip and replace one missionary family, this Center is going to save many millions of dollars of the Lord’s resources in the years to come. But more importantly, it will help countless missionary families cope successfully with the stresses and strains and pressures of missionary living, avoid the embarrassment and tragedy of having to leave the field unnecessarily, and improve their quality of life while serving the Lord.

Just now we need your help to finish the remodeling and furnishing of the building so that missionaries throughout that region of the world can begin to receive the help they so critically need.

We now need help with furnishing the new building.

Friends, this month, in addition to supporting our ongoing ministries, I would like to encourage you to include a special “door opener” gift to help us open the doors of this new missionary counseling center. We need dividing walls with soundproofing, chairs, desks, tables, book cases, lamps and everything you would need to furnish a counseling center here in the U. S. A.

We are praying that you will prayerfully consider financial support to help purchase the many needs to provide for this desperately needed Center. You will have the reward of knowing that you are personally having a part in helping many missionaries and their children on the field live well-adjusted, fulfilling lives as they serve the Lord in difficult places during these perilous times. Instead of giving up and leaving they will be looking up and thriving!

We would also greatly appreciate your prayers for the counselors, their children and the people to whom they will minister. You are a real partner and God is using you in this ministry in a special way.

Thank you so much for your dedication to helping God’s children.

Gratefully in Christ,

Bruce Narramore, Ph.D.

“Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2.

Click HERE to contact the Cornerstone Counseling Center and/or for information regarding counseling





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