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About the Narramore Christian Foundation

A Ministry Dedicated to Preventing
and Solving Human Problems

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NCF:The Narramore Christian Foundation, is a non-profit Christian organization serving people throughout the world. It is dedicated to the prevention and solution of human problems through literature, radio, the world-wide web, training seminars and counseling.

NCF Ministries

Insightful Literature: NCF's quarterly publication, Psychology for Living , publishes practical, biblically and psychologically based articles addressing the needs of children, youth, married couples, families and singles. Approximately 30 booklets on a variety of psychological topics are also published by NCF and mailed to people around the world.

Seminars for Sons and Daughters of Missionaries: For over 20 years NCF has provided a 12-day seminar for MKs coming to the U.S. for college. Personality and vocational tests, plus counseling and orientation sessions, help these young adults transition to life in the United States.

Crisis Counseling for Overseas Missionaries: The Foundation sends Christian psychologists overseas to conduct seminars and provide intensive short-term counseling for missionaries who have recently undergone a severe crisis or trauma.

Correspondence: Many people write the Foundation about problems and concerns. Appropriate booklets and printed materials are sent free of charge, usually with a personal letter.

Help by Phone: People phoning for help and direction are able to talk with a specially trained person who makes referrals throughout the United States.

Email and Internet Ministries: Realizing the potential of electronic communications, NCF is now on line to serve and minister to pastors, missionaries, Christian workers, and individuals at home and around the world.

Seminars and Retreats for Pastors and Missionaries: In partnership with other organizations, NCF offers retreats and in-depth training for ministers, missionaries and other Christian leaders. Group and individual counseling is available to help participants work through personal, vocational and family concerns.

Videos: Insightful videos on everyday problems such as the following: "Dealing With Feelings of Anger," "Ten Danger Signals in Your Child's Behavior," and "Understanding Yourself and Others," by Dr. Clyde Narramore are available for use by individuals, families, churches, schools and other groups.

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For Further information or help:

Narramore Christian Foundation
250 West Colorado Blvd., Suite 100
Arcadia, California  91007

Phone: 626-821-8400
Fax: 626-821-8409

Office Hours are 8.30–5.00 local time
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