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Psychology for Living is the website of the Narramore Christian Foundation, a Christian mental health organization dedicated to preventing and solving human problems, anxiety, depression, relational conflicts, and psychological disorders through psychological counseling. NCF is also dedicated to training lay-persons, Christian workers in the fundamentals of Christian counseling, psychology and psychological disorders.


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Tributes to God’s Servant
Dr. Clyde M. Narramore

The Greatest Thought That Can Occupy the Human Mind

The Greatest Thought That Can Occupy the Human Mind
by Dr. Clyde M. Narramore

For 14 years I served as a psychologist on the staff of a large public organization. One day a colleague who occupied an office near mine in our psychology department came to see me and began talking about religion.

"What do you think about this matter

of spiritual conversion?" he asked.

Apparently through viewing some evangelistic meetings on television, his interest and curiosity had been aroused. After questioning me on the subject, this brilliant psychologist made one of the most remarkable
statements I have ever heard.

"I don't know," he began thoughtfully, "if it's possible for a human being to have a personal relationship with God who made all of this universe. But if it is, then THAT IS THE GREATEST THOUGHT THAT CAN OCCUPY THE HUMAN MIND."



Psychology for Living provides helpful information on Christian counseling, Christian psychology, dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, codependency and many other psychological disorders that can be found here on the Narramore Christian Foundation website.

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